It's a web application

You can install it locally or run it on a server or in a cloud

Local installation

This is the simplest way to use Graphlytic. You can install Neo4J and Graphlytic on the same computer and start analyzing graphs right away. Check out our LITE version when you are a single analyst.

Graphlytic - graph analytics and visualization software

Server installation

When you need multiple users to work with the same data, you can install Graphlytic on a server or in a cloud. Then create users, assign them to groups and control which user can access which part of the data, you have everything under control.


With the statistics tab for every property you have an immediate overview of the distribution of values in the graph.

  • Try selecting out some nodes in the graph and the charts are instantly updated to show the number of selected elements for every value. This can be really helpful together with selections were you can select parts of the graph in a flow like manner and look if there is some pattern in values.
  • Groups of elements with the same property value can be selected or unselected in bulk by clicking the columns in the charts. This way you can quickly build selections of parts of the graph based on data and then use them, e.g. apply a layout, custom logic (widget) or hide the selected elements to simplify the visualization.
  • Add charts for any property, sort, collapse or hide them freely.
  • When you have a metric stored in some property you can switch the chart to show the histogram for 10 evenly computed intervals of data calculated between the min and max values in the graph.
  • Try showing the values on logarithmic scale to visualy point up smaller values like outliers in distributions.

Start today and see yourself how powerful graphs can be with Graphlytic!
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