Use Cases

Graphlytic can be used on any graph data. Most common use cases are listed below

Fraud Detection and Analytics Enhancement

The human eye captures fraud schemes within graph visualization blazingly fast! Unveil sophisticated fraud and criminal patterns much easier. Cut the manual analyst research time. Dive deeper into your data. Achieve significant savings.

IT Infrastructure Visualization

Visualize and catalogue assets in your complex network or data center, depicting critical dependencies. Manage your IT operations with higher confidence and find bottlenecks before they generate any incidents.

Enterprise Communication Analysis

Find out correlations between communication and business results. Discover informal communication patterns within your teams in one picture. Leverage the power of graph visualization to better manage your organization.

Code Refactoring and Documentation

Gain control over the code by establishing code clarity and elimination of duplications in code using graph visualization model. Get strong support for code documentation and quick onboarding for new team members.


Powerful HTML5 based graph visualizations with cytoscape.js library works with every major browser and platform

Graph DB

Graphlytic is powered with the world's leading graph database Neo4J which enables us to give you fantastic performance


Look for patterns in your data with easy-to-use layouts, filtering or mapping data to visual properties like color or size

Scheduled Jobs

With Jobs it's easy to write and schedule your own scripts for importing data, searching patterns (with Cypher) and sending emails


Data analysis doesn't have to be a lonely job. Collaborate with other users and share your findings or export images and data

Business Solutions

Contact us if you are interested in using Graphlytic in specific business cases. We are happy to help you with setup

How it works

Most common scenario when you want to find answers in your graph data


The first step is to import your data into the graph database. Any method of importing data into Neo4j can be used and Graphlytic's Jobs is one of such methods. Jobs can be run on-demand or scheduled to run automatically e.g.every night. With Jobs, you can keep your graph data up to date, send email notifications when something goes wrong or when a job finds predefined patterns (with Cypher) in data.


Search with fulltext in all data or in predefined collections of your graph data and find starting points for the graph visualization. It's easy to look for and to visualize graph patterns with the Cypher query language. Graphlytic provides an advanced graph search interface that can be used by non-technical users as well as by professionals.


Graph visualization is a powerful way to find patterns which can't be seen from a table or a chart. Different layouts reveal different patterns in graph visualization. Data to style mappings are used to enhance visual signal with properties like color, size, or shape of nodes and relationships. Filter out outliers; look for timeline dependencies; and get meaningful information as clear as possible.

Save & Share

Graph visualizations can be saved and reloaded later with automatic notification on any changes in the graph data. Visualizations can be exported as images or CSV files for use in different applications. Graph visualizations can be also shared with other users in the application to provide effective collaboration on bigger projects.

It's a web application

You can install it locally or run it on a server or in a cloud

Local installation

This is the simplest way to use Graphlytic. You can install Neo4J and Graphlytic on the same computer and start analyzing graphs right away. Check out our LITE version when you are a single analyst.

Graphlytic - graph visualization and analytics software

Server installation

When you need multiple users to work with the same data, you can install Graphlytic on a server or in a cloud; then create users, assign them to groups and control which user can access which part of the data. You now have everything under control.

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