Code Refactoring With Graphlytic

Improve and keep your code fresh with GRAPHLYTIC

Every company struggles to gain a competitive edge on the fast-changing markets.

Many companies though face problems with the code maintenance and code development, that slow them down and consume valuable resources. Reasons generally differs, but certain key points leading to poor quality of code pertain. Whether your development team faced fluctuation or misses certain senior positions, whether you did not follow the standardized development techniques in the past or at all, or your code documentation has not been updated on daily bases your code with high probability might become hard to manage.

With Graphlytic implementation you will instantly gain control over the existing code. Having it graphically visualized you will notice on the spot by yourself what should be changed in the code and how. Refactoring will become incomparable easier due to high visibility of cross-module calls in code. You will easily find duplicities in the code which can be removed bringing you the code clarity and powerful support for documentation. Followed by easier maintenance of the code and much quicker onboarding of the new team members, as a result.

Compared to standardized in-coding-SW-implemented graphical visualizations Graphlytic allows you to depict unlimited call-levels in code allowing programmers to identify “dark places” of the code faster and smarter. High flexibility to develop own parser rules leading to customized visual representation of the code base will bring you much easier work.

Solution Architecture

Leverage Graph Visualization for Code Refactoring. Refactor Much Easier.