The Visualization Workspace is shown when the Visualization Screen is opened. The workspace contains elements from database which are visualized as a graph. You can interactively manipulate the elements  (for example move them). Example of a workspace:

Common operations in workspace:

Select element

Click on an element to select it.

Select more elements

Hold "SHIFT" and click on several elements.

Hold "SHIFT" and select (click+drag) a Workspace area containing one or more elements.

Press "CTRL(⌘)" + "A" to select all elements in workspace.

Move element

Hold left mouse button on a selected element and move the mouse to move the element.

Explore node

If a node has some neighbors which are currently not shown in the visualization, a node is not completely explored. This node is marked by a "+" symbol. Doubleclick explores this node and all neighbors are shown.

Move view

Click and hold left mouse button on the workspace (away from any shown elements) and move the mouse to pan the whole view.

Zoom view

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out. Zoom center is the current position of the mouse cursor.

Other keyboard shortcuts

  • DEL : Hide selected nodes and relationships
  • CTRL(⌘) + DEL : Hide not selected nodes and relationships
  • CTRL(⌘) + SHIFT + DEL : Hide orphaned nodes (nodes with no relationships)
  • CTRL(⌘) + A : select all elements in visualization
  • CTRL(⌘) + F : open search tab in visualization and set focus on search field so you can start typing search string right away
  • CTRL(⌘) + Q : open top search panel
  • CTRL(⌘) + S : save visualization
  • CTRL(⌘) + Z : undo last operation (adding or removing of graph elements)
  • CTRL(⌘) + Y : redo last undone operation (adding or removing of graph elements)
  • CTRL(⌘) + E : expand selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + R : find all relationships between selected and unselected parts of the graph
  • CTRL(⌘) + SHIFT + R : find mutually related nodes for the selected part of the graph
  • CTRL(⌘) + W : find shortest path between selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + B : select neighbors of selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + < : select incoming nodes of selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + > : Select outgoing of selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + I : invert selection
  • ESC : Unselect all nodes and relationships
  • CTRL(⌘) + L : layout the selected part of the graph using the force-directed layout
  • CTRL(⌘) + M : create a new node
  • CTRL(⌘) + SHIFT + M : toggle adding of new relationships
  • CTRL(⌘) + X : delete selected nodes and relationships
  • CTRL(⌘) + UP_ARROW : horizontal ALIGNMENT of selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + LEFT_ARROW : vertical ALIGNMENT of selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + RIGHT_ARROW : equal horizontal SPACING between selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + DOWN_ARROW : equal vertical SPACING between selected nodes
  • CTRL(⌘) + MOUSE_WHEEL or SHIFT+ MOUSE_WHEEL : expand or reduce spacing between nodes
  • ARROWS : move selected part of graph in desired direction