Search Settings

Permissions needed: Settings management

Everything regarding the fulltext search can be configured in several places in the application:

  • Queries page - open the widget with the "Search Settings" button located in the header buttons.

  • Visualization page - open the widget with the cogs icon images/download/thumbnails/76323595/cogs_icon.png next to the search field

  • Application Setting page (see Graph Connections#FulltextSearchConfiguration for more information) - open the widget with the "Configure fulltext search" button.

You can see the Search Settings widget in the picture below.

These settings are global. Changes will affect all users.


Search Mode Settings

This is a global setting (SEARCH_MODE), changing the values will affect all users. You can change the following options:

  • Search mode - select if the search should start automatically (Instant) after the user changes the fulltext search pattern or only after pressing the Enter key (Manual).

  • Throttle delay - select how long (in milliseconds) should the system wait between consecutive searches. This is preventing the system overload because searches can be expensive especially if there are many indexed nodes and properties.

  • Min length - select the minimal length for the search to start. This is also helpful for the overall system performance when there are many indexed nodes or properties.

Fulltext Index Settings

This is a global setting, changing the values will affect all users.

  • Status - status shows the current Indexer state. The REINDEX_SUCCESS is the default state when everything is OK.

  • Progress - Progress of reindexing. If the value is 0% the index is not created. If the value is 100% and the status is "Online" the index is created and ready to be used.

  • Indexed properties - list of indexed properties. Please choose the list carefully. More indexed properties will result in a bigger database size both on disk and in memory. Keeping the number of indexed properties reasonably low (e.g. 2 - 10 properties) can also speed up the search. Changing this list will result in the requirement to reindex the database.

  • Indexed labels - list of node labels that are used in the index. Only properties of nodes with these labels will be indexed. Changing this list will result in the requirement to start reindexing the database.

Minimal steps to set up the Fulltext index

  1. Choose "Indexed properties" - only values from these properties will be searchable

  2. Choose "Indexed labels" or check the "Use all labels" checkbox - only nodes with at least one of these labels will be searchable

  3. Click on "Start reindex"

After successful reindexing, the Status should be "Online"