Grimoire Encyclopedia Dataset

Demo is based on data from The Grimoire Encyclopedia created by Mouse Reeve.

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Grimoire Encyclopedia is a collection of linked information about grimoires, focusing (with some distraction) on early modern Western European texts from the Christian tradition. The goal is to look at the connections and relationships within the metadata and subject matter of these grimoires, and attempt to collect factual information about their provenance and historical context.

Example on the picture below is one of the visualizations from the demo and it shows some quick tips on how to summon demon icon Lucifer or demon icon Satan. You can choose your prefered spell icon spell based on the ingredient icon ingredients you have or based on other outcome icon outcomes of the spell icon spell (just be careful with the summoning please).

Screenshot from Graphlytic - Graph analytics and visualization

Other visualizations in the demo

Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Aerial Spirits
Who serves whom in the world of Aerial Spirits?
Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Which demon has the biggest network of servants?
Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Grimoire Relationships
Which Grimoire draws upon, mentions or is influenced by which
Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Lucifer & Beelzebub
What have Lucifer and Beelzebub in common?
Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Lucifer & Satan summoning
A few spells for the summoning of Lucifer or Satan
Visualization in Graphlytic demo
Robert Truner
Grimoires of Robert Truner and their relationships, creatures and other elements

What can you try in the demo?

  • Search for nodes and save your search queries as separate tabs
  • Start visualization with some nodes and explore their relationships - double click on a node to read all relations of that node from DB and add them to the visualization
  • Save created visualization to your visualizations
  • Statistics: play with property histograms in visualization - select element categories
  • Virtual properties: create virtual properties (custom formulas) on nodes and relationships with JavaScript
  • Find shortest path: select 2 nodes (Shift+Click) and press the "Find shortest path" button in the top toolbox to calculate shortest path (calculation is done in DB and new elements are added to visualization if needed)
  • Visualization styling: create styling mappers in the "Settings" tab to style the visualization according to data to highlight patterns
  • Layout: use one of the layouts in the toolbox to automatically rearange the graph (layout is applied only to selected part of the graph or to all elements if nothing is selected)
  • Image and data export: use one of the export options in the "Visualization" dropdown menu or export CSV data from the search screen

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