Neo4j Desktop is a really useful application for every graph enthusiast, developer or analyst who uses Neo4j on regular basis.

Graphlytic is a graph analytics and visualization web application that can be installed in several ways and one of these ways is to install it in Neo4j Desktop for local usage. This article covers steps needed to install and run Graphlytic in Neo4j Desktop.

Most common scenario for installing and running Graphlytic in Neo4j Desktop (shown in the short clip below):

  1. Enter the Graphlytic Desktop app URL into Neo4j Desktop's "Install Graph Application" :
  2. Add Graphlytic to your Neo4j Desktop Project
  3. Start Neo4j Graph instance
  4. Start Graphlytic
  5. If this is the first time you have started Graphlytic with this Neo4j Graph then you will be prompted by the Graphlytic launcher that you need to insert Graphlytic's Neo4j plugin into the running Neo4j Graph. Graphlytic launcher will do it for you, just click on the "Yes, add plugin" button. Unfortunatelly after the plugin is added you have to restart the Neo4j Graph in order to load the plugin and then restart Graphlytic - this time the launcher should run without any problems. In Windows you may notice a "black window" to be opened - do not shut it down because it's the Graphlytic server running

Here is a short clip of all steps in running Graphlytic Desktop with a blank Neo4j Graph:

How to install Graphlytic in Neo4j Desktop